enjoy the VIP experience
whenever you sail with cliv

cliv members BENEFITS
Your Personal Voyage Concierge

Imagine if you had suddenly feel like going sailing in the
middle of the night. Who do you call? With Cliv membership,
you get access to 24/7 personalised concierge.
Greeting you in your name. Now you can.


Exclusive Party Invites

Cliv teams up with local and foreign luxury groups,
so you can receive exclusive party invites to the
most luxurious parties in town or abroad.

Earn (knots) and Redeem

Want to get more out of your lifestyle spending?
Attaining Cliv membership means you can earn point for
every dollar you spent where you can redeem anything
from yacht trips to private jet charters.

Member’s Privilege Lounge

Gain access to our exclusive private lounge while
waiting to board your yachts and other exclusive
lounge while traveling.