Cliv By Marine Bookings is designed to reward you, our most preferred client. Cliv membership remains a by-invitation only club. Opening doors exclusively to you whom have journeyed with through M-Barq by Marine Bookings.

Building with you a relationship for all your lifestyle and yachting needs. Together, embarking on this voyage helps you to reach destination in life

Benefit (Sneak)
Your Personal Voyage Concierge.

Imagine if you had suddenly feel like going sailing in the middle of the night. Who do you call? With cliv membership, you get access to 24/7 personalised concierge. Greeting you in your name…

Take your yachting lifestyle one step further.

Own your dream yacht at a fraction of the cost. Simply by sharing a yacht purchase with like-minded people and we will take care of the rest…

Yachting as an alternative investment

Fancy turning your yacht, a depreciating asset into an investment? Now, you can. We have built a stable group of clientele over the years. That you can profit off…